Worship With Us

Curious what it means to worship as a Quaker? Join us for an hour of silence, where anyone who is moved by the spirit to speak may welcomingly do so. Our worship is not led by a pastor or leader—attendees are instead encouraged to seek the divine within. Quaker worship is a special experience that many have likened to meditation, and we warmly encourage you to try it with our community! Childcare is provided at the 11:00 Meeting.

Note: “Meeting” or “Meeting for Worship” is the Quaker term similar to what other faiths would call a “church service”. “First Day” is the Quaker term for Sunday.

Meeting for Worship
First Days (Sundays) @ 9:30 am (in-person only)
First Days (Sundays) @ 11:00 am (online and in-person, Zoom instructions here)
15 Rutherford Place, New York, NY 10003

First Day School (Sunday School) takes place on the second floor during the 11:00 meeting, for children five and above. For children younger than five, there is play-based childcare in the same room. In other words: If you have kids, please bring them along!

Our sister Meeting, Manhattan Monthly Meeting, conducts blended semi-programmed worship
First Day (Sunday) @ 9:30 am (online and in-person, Zoom instructions here)
15 Rutherford Place, Room 1

Virtual Bible Study
Fourth First Day (Sunday) monthly @ 9:30 am (Zoom instructions)

Blended Meeting with a Concern for Business
Second First Day (Sunday) monthly @ 1:00 pm (Zoom instructions)
15 Rutherford Place, Worship Hall

Peace Vigil, Washington Square Arch
First First Day (Sunday) monthly @ 1:00 pm

Blended Men’s Worship Sharing & Potluck
Third First Day (Sunday) monthly, 6:00-8:00 pm (Zoom instructions)
15 Rutherford Place, Room 1


All are welcome!


Committees play an important role at the Fifteenth Street Meeting. Friends may volunteer for or be nominated to these working groups, based on a discernment of what spiritual and natural gifts they bring to these roles. The decision-making process in Quakerism is based on the belief that all individuals have access to the guidance of the Spirit, and this guidance can be discerned collectively in a group setting—thus there is no “top-down” hierarchy. Rather, our decision making arises from the grassroots, from the gathered body of Friends.

Speak to us about serving on a committees. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Ministry and Worship
  • Pastoral Care
  • Peace and Social Justice
  • Religious Education
  • Arts
  • Welcome
  • Shelter
  • Budget and Collections
  • Property
  • Friends in Unity with Nature
  • Library


We are close to Union Square subway and bus routes in lower Manhattan.